What about us? Plenty to tell of course, but we’ll spare you from the historical essay and jot down a few facts about The Bar on Buena. You can find out more about our ideas concerning food & drink at the head of each section. So here it goes…

The Bar on Buena is the realization of a dream by two high school buddies (Aaron Zacharias and Steve Podjasek) who were fed up with corporate life. The idea: Open a neighborhood bar with a great selection, fun food and an inviting atmosphere. Essentially, we wanted a place that we could enjoy with the hope that others would agree. After years of looking we finally found that little spot in Buena Park and opened our doors on July 5th, 2003.

2004: The long planned retractable windows were finally installed and the outdoor café moved to its present location, accommodating 36 guests instead of the previous 18.

2005: We install a new draft system and cooler, allowing The BOB to increase its taps from 12 to 18. The bottle selection is also increased to over 50 expressions of malty bliss. At this point we also bow to technology and open our first website. Novel idea, we know.

2006: The “Beers of the Month” program is started and the current, comprehensive menu design is completed. We add our 19th draft faucet and increase our bottle selection. We finally offer 100 beers. We also get serious about Whiskey!

2007: Robyn Marfurt, having worked at The BOB already in many capacities, is brought in as manager and chef. Aaron immediately takes advantage of the free time and breaks his leg and ankle. The Kitchen sees a major overhaul. New, custom made tables are brought in.

2008: We launch whiskey and beer flights and finally invest in a new website.

Chicago’s Best: Pub Grub @ Bar on Buena (4/24/11)

Hopefully plenty more to come…thanks for stopping by our site and we hope to see you at The Bar!

Cheers, From Aaron, Steve, Robyn and all the staff at The BOB