Welcome to the Specials Page. As a neighborhood bar it has always been our philosophy to keep our prices fair and not overcharge just because “the other guys are getting that price.” That being said, aside from our weekly specials listed below we’re going to teach you how to “drink cheap” at the B.O.B.

  1. Check out the Beers of the Month – if there’s not a tiny easel board on your table then ask your server/bartender.
  2. Look at the chalk boards above the bar and the one directly opposite of it on the center post. We like to announce new items and specials on them.
  3. Ask your server/bartender about “mystery beer” or closeout specials!! These are usually the best deals in the house and are sometimes discounted up to 75%!!! IMPORTANT: What’s best about these deals is that all the beer is still fresh and we’re just making room for a new tap, clearing our inventory from the last “Beers of the Month” selection or rotating our list based on the season. Hope this helps!

MONDAY – Start your week off right with $5 HALF LITERS of local Dovetail German-style Lager and $5 Burgers.

TUESDAY – Taco Tuesday! $2 tacos and $4.50 5 Rabbit beers

WEDNESDAY – We take the all the menu work away with $4 Mystery Beers! Soak it up with all the Mac and Cheese you can eat for $7.95. Check out the new M & C of the Week!

THURSDAY – Take off with 25% off all Flights of Beer and Whisky. A great way to try something new! Be sure to ask about the House Flight.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY – Ask about our weekend Dinner specials and check our Featured Monthly Beers!