This is what we do best. The owners, management and staff have a passion for good drink and we hope that’s one of the main reasons you’re here! Here’s our take on the following.

Beer: The Bar has over 100 beers available, with 19 of them on tap. In lieu of turning this piece into a novel I’ll attempt to impart our basic philosophy of this wonderful beverage to you, the reader. We believe in having a balanced selection of fresh beers from around the globe and in serving them in the appropriate (and “beer clean”) glassware. We also advocate the importance of a proper pour for each of our brews as it directly affects the flavor and enjoyment of the beer. If you’re new to the wide world of beer, please don’t be shy (especially about pronunciation) and ask one of our knowledgeable staff members to point you in the right direction. That’s why we’re here!

Whisky: Single malts, single barrel, fine blends and more! Whiskies are often as different from each other as vodkas are from gins. The B.O.B. is always exploring different impressions, new and old, and we love finding that independent gem. This can be an overwhelming process for the beginner so please ask for the “Whisky Expert” on duty. Another great way to sample Whisky is by flight, especially in a group. All whiskies are served neat with a water back unless specified. Enjoy!

Wine: We have a passion for wine and one of the saddest limitations (along with our kitchen area) of our confined space is that we just don’t have the proper storage to have a comprehensive list that matches our beer and spirit portfolios. But despair not! We take great pride in being able to offer 12 wines by the glass (and a few more by the bottle) and take great time and care to ensure that you are being served a great wine for an unbeatable price.

Other Spirits: We’re presently updating this section and we presently carry an admirable selection of fine gin, cognac, armagnac, vodka, grappa, etc… Also, all of our bartenders have a minimum of 5 years of experience so feel free to ask for a house cocktail.