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  • Monday

    Start your week off right with $4 BBK HALF LITERS and $5 HALF POUND Burgers.

  • Tuesday

    $1 off our featured Brewery and Cidery of the Month selection and Beer Flights. Warm up with our featured housemade stew!

  • Wednesday

    $1.50 off our featured Wednesday draft. Soak it up with all the Mac and Cheese you can eat for $6.95. Check out the new M & C of the Week!

  • Thursday

    Take off with 25% off all Flights of Beer and Whisky. A great way to try something new! Be sure to ask about the House Flights.

  • Friday & Saturday

    Ask about our weekend Dinner specials and check our Featured Monthly Beers!

  • Sunday

    $4 Call Bloody Marys!

Beers of the Month

The BOB is now opening at 11am on Saturday and Sunday and showcasing some featured Brunch items from Chef Cleetus as well as some special cocktail and beer elections.  Come in and nurse that hangover with some house-made chilaquiles and a BOB Blood Maria.


This OCTOBER : Autumn is our favorite beer season!! Just as the seasons change, the colors fade and the temperatures drop, so does our taste in beer.  No more bright, light, fizzy lagers, session ales, radlers and the such.  What we crave are darker, maltier Autumnal brews, the kind that you drink to add a layer of warmth on those first cool nights.  Join us all October as we gear up for Sweater Weather with seasonal favorites like Oktoberfests, Harvest Ales, Pumpkin Beers, Stouts, Porters, Scotch Ales, and more.  All as varied as the shades of falling leaves.



Our Featured Brewery of the Month: EVIL TWIN BREWING CO. (Denmark)  There is a famous gypsy man who travels the globe brewing World Class beers. He has an infamous brother, an Evil Twin brother, who is equally talented, if not a bit more diabolical in his brewing styles. He is like a mad scientist. He brews giant beers. He brews really tiny beers. He clones other people’s beer. He has even been known to brew beer with donuts! He is totally Evil. October being the most evil month of all, join us for a line-up of this Evil Twin’s Beers


Our Featured Distillery of the Month: THE DALMORE Dalmore might just be the most legendary distillery in the world, when it comes to creating stunning whisky with real provenance. The classic 12 and 15 year old have long been a mainstay for lovers of rich highland whisky, and the master blender, Richard Patterson, is one of the industry’s best loved celebrities. The house style is undeniably one of rich, full-bodied whisky, with orange, chocolate and coffee flavours and Dalmore whisky is regularly enjoyed as a post dinner digestif.


Our Featured Style of the Month: AUTUMNAL ALES!! Yes, of course we will have your seasonal love them or leave them pumpkin ales, but do not forget the many other shades of Fall Brews.  Big, Malty, Roasty, Toasty, Spicy, Hoppy, Boozy, Smokey.  And of course, Evil.


Check out our draft pages for the special column of what is currently on draft and choose wisely. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


UPCOMING EVENTS: Still Upcoming.  Check back soon.




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OCTOBER Brewery of the Month: EVIL TWIN BREWING COMPANY. (Denmark)

OCTOBER Distillery of the Month: THE DALMORE. (Allness, Scotland)